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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun Race?

I did a fun race on Wednesday at Sherwood Hills and finished third overall.  Two experts finished in front of me.  I was about 8 minutes behind them after 16 miles and 3000 feet of climbing.  For two laps my seatpost was about 6 inches too low.  Yep, when you build up a new bike things are usually going to move.  It really was no fun sitting on my hamstrings trying to pedal.  Most of the time I just stayed standing, singlespeed style, never sitting down on the long climbs.  Today, Kory found me a Lip Lock.  Problem solved.  I will race again next Wednesday at 6:30.  In the morning I'm doing B.W.'s five-hour off-road tour of Clarkston.  I've threatened to ride the cross bike, but smart folks are telling me to bring the new geared mountain bike.  I'll have some pictures of the new beast posted soon.

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