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Sunday, June 26, 2011

High Country News

Don't do it.  Just be patient.  Wait until August.  Don't be like Justin Simoni (he is riding the Tour Divide without any detours, which means he is doing all the high passes in deep snow while everyone else went around).  Yesterday he got lost, went back to the library in Dubois, WY to find a topo map because he could not find the trail in the snow.  He might be a little hardheaded.

I tried to be like Justin today.  He inspired me.  I pedaled up Card Canyon and tried to find the top of the Spring Hollow Trail.  It is covered in 6 feet of snow, more in drifts, up there somewhere, but damned if I could find it.  My feet are frostbitten, and my back is out from lifting the bike up the mountain a few feet, squeezing the brakes, then taking a step forward in the snow, then repeating.  There's no way I'm going to wear sandals without any socks the next time I pedal up to snowline and then start hiking in deep snow.  I am so done.  I was out there from 11 to 6:30.  I got lost, a little, but found the way down.  It was disappointing to go back down the way I came up.  I think I will drink a Summer Honey from Big Sky Brewing Co. and go to sleep now.  Might as well.  My new dog has licked all the blood and mud from my legs as I typed.  I think he likes me now.

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