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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Frames On Walls

And, there's a whole bunch of other things going up too.  I'm running out of hooks.  Customers, however, are scarce.  It's a good thing I have a few friends in Florida who appreciate my work and are getting bicycles from me.  Thanks, my brothers.  I did have a few locals come in today.  One had a department store Schwinn with bent wheels.  The front wheel almost went through the brakes without stopping, and had a solid tire (that's right, a solid tire, what will they think of next, see pic below).  I told him the options.  $80 for new wheels plus labor (I admit, I've never removed or installed a a solid tire before) or $20 minimum labor for a little wheel whacking and a little spoke tightening.  He chose not to choose and rode away with brakes rubbing so bad you could see, hear, and feel it.  I've missed bicycle repair in Logan, where $20 is just way too much to spend on an $89 bicycle.

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