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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Open Yet?

I will be in the shop today for about an hour or two, and again on Thursday and Friday for a little bit.  Then, let's call Saturday the first official day, the Grand Opening.  I'll be there all afternoon.

Mini Rant of the Day: Trim clicks and modern indexed front derailleurs are stupid.  I know they work great when properly adjusted, but I miss the good old days of always being aware of what gear I was in and making trim adjustments manually based on sound and feel with a friction front derailleur.  More importantly, it was impossible to ride around cross geared all the time.  Today, most folks do just that.  God forbid they ever get out of the big ring.  Yes, I admit, I've been riding long enough that I still think about reaching for the down tube when it's time to shift.

Speaking of gears and front derailleurs, I've been on the bike for three days in a row, set up fixed in a huge gear, 52x17 (it's magic numbers, I have no choice).  I did the unthinkable yesterday.  I rode the Tuesday Night Ride (Hyde Park Old Guys) fixed, fifty miles in just over two hours.  Ouch.

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