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Friday, March 23, 2012

Shop Life

I never intended to get busy, but the bicycle season has begun.  I've worked an entire week all alone without any real sales other than Jules' bicycle.  But now it's warm out.  It was actually warm enough to wear shorts and sandals today.  The repairs are going to start stacking up soon.  But really, I'll do my best.  I'll be open tomorrow, unless I'm not there because I decided to go for a bicycle ride, a Robert Ride, in which case I won't be open.  Seriously, I'll be there.  I already have a to do list:  repair/free life time adjustments on a Redline R540 I sold four years-ago (really, I said it and I mean it, I'll do the free adjustments anytime, not just for 30 days, I don't mind pulling cable because I have a fourth hand tool, it's not a good one from Park Tool Company, it's just a cheap Hozan, which they call a third hand tool, I think, but hey, I'm just pulling cable, but you can see the difference in the pictures below), build a 21" D440 for Matt, and repair/free life time adjustments on Irene's bicycle that she bought six years-ago.  It was the yellow cruiser with the green trim, right?  I can't remember names, but I will remember your bicycle.  Stream of consciousness style, right, John Barrett?  Still with me?

Next post:  The Young Woman With The Bright Orange Schwinn Cruiser.  Stay tuned.

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