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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Where Is Robert?

I need to carry a spot tracker with uploads here so all my readers can track me.  All three of them (thank you sisters for reading).  I'm still in Montana's Bitterroot Valley.  I installed three new cameras yesterday.  Then at 5 o'clock, I went to the brew pub and had a burger.  And a brew.  Yep, I highly recommend the place.

I should be heading back to Loganistan tomorrow, come hell, high water, or much more likely, blizzard.  I am going to open the shop officially next week.  Maybe.  Fire marshal Bill has to come back to make sure the switch and cover plates are back on after painting.  I'm going to start assembling some bicycles.  And perhaps I'll start riding again.  I really do not like being 188#.  And, cross season starts at the end of September.  Time to start training.


  1. hey, I read your blog! Drive safe. And you are almost inspiring me to cyclocross...almost...


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