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Monday, March 19, 2012

More Shop Stories, The Grand Opening

"Hey, my mom came in here last week and bought one of these lights.  It works great, so I want to buy one too," said the thin tobacco scented man.  I tried to tell him I was not open last week, but I gave up.  I don't think he was hearing what I was saying.  I told him about the light in his hand, that it was LED, all metal, 1 watt, batteries included, great quick release bracket, pretty bright for a little light, and only $25 (msrp $28).

"Twenty five dollars, that is ridiculous!"  We talked friendly-like as he walked out the door to his large expensive four-wheel-drive pick-up truck pulling two expensive snowmobiles on a trailer.  I asked him about the snow conditions, tried to genuinely smile, and waved goodbye.  Yes, I thought, ridiculous indeed.

The next customer brought in her mountain bike for repair.  I told her, "I will not be open again until Wednesday, can I get it to you then, because I may not get to it today?"  "No problem," she said with a smile.  The front deraillure was twisted and bent, rubbing on the tire, and all the cables were corroded in their housing from sitting out in the rain for too long.  No brakes, and no shifting.  I had no other customers, so I replaced cables and housing on the front brake and rear deraillure (old Grip Shift, always a challenge to change a cable), loosened/lubed the other two, adjusted all, inflated tires, and the bicycle was good to go.  I called her.  She came to get her bicycle with a bag full of these in her hand.

Saturday turned out to be a fine first day indeed.  Grand.  Thank you Wendi.  You made my day!

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