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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Up And Down

I'm working up in Montana for most of this week.  I will try to be in the shop on Friday and Saturday.

Patty scanned the old picture at the top of the blog.  It's strange to see the old front yard used bicycle business.  Lupine was so little.  I was so young.

I had a great ride on Monday.  I went from Tendoy, ID to the top of Lemhi Pass.  It was so steep I had to walk most of the last mile.  On the way down, I melted the tubular glue on the front wheel and ripped out the valve stem.  When it cooled down, I had to rip it off.  The tire, not just my thumbs.  When I finally got another tubular on the rim, a huge thunder storm rolled over the mountain.  I survived the slow journey down with a front tire that had no glue, so there was no serious cornering and no front braking.  I just drug my feet most of the way.  My short 3 hour ride turned into a long and cold 5 hour ride, 2400 feet up in 12 miles.

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