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Monday, April 2, 2012


Huracan 300
I followed my friend Chad Parker's blue dot on the internet this weekend.  He did 300 unsupported solo miles in the north Florida sand in only 38 hours.  Nice ride, Chad, you are a bad ass.  I would love to do this race next year.

I rode for an entire 90 minutes on Saturday.  The River Trail is dry, even the high side, but there is still snow in Spring Hollow proper.  It was nice riding in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals on the fixed gear cyclocross bike, my new modus operandi.  I may never ride the 29er again.  I still plan on doing Idaho to Arizona.  Yeah, I know, I was going to do it last year, but I never did.  It will happen this year.  I hope.  The sun is out today but the air is cold.  So, I may pedal a little this afternoon.

I will be in the shop this week, Wednesday through Saturday.  My hours remain amorphous and dynamic.  At some point, I may put up an open sign, but I doubt I will ever post hours.


  1. I liked your picture from dirty head. I live near that area just outside of Weston. I usually ride a road bike, but there is some good mountain biking in the hills in our area.

  2. Thank you. I don't know what I did with that picture! Oh well. Yes, the gravel road riding up your way is fantastic. I may head back up there with the cross bike soon before it gets too dry and hot.


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