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Saturday, April 23, 2011


It was 30 degrees at 0800 when I went to ride this morning on the fixed gear cyclocross bike.  The River Trail is dry all the way to Spring Hollow, even the high trail (Bridger Overlook).  Spring Hollow proper still has snow and frozen mud.

Sitting at the computer reading Velo News makes me a cycling fan.  Turning off the computer and getting on the bike makes me something different.  I do not lack the motivation to be a good cyclist, rather, I lack time commitment.

Speaking of time, which seems to be of the essence, I think I will be on a geared mountain bike for ID to AZ.  Yeah.  I know.  Blasphemy.  ID to AZ has to be about three things:  Light, fast, and fast.  I'm now predicting 7 days for the whole journey.

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