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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Rambling Post

I got this picture today from Bug Lab Greg, although he's really not Bug Lab Greg anymore, just Greg, taken at the Cat 5 bike race last week.  This is me at my best, because right after this I was reeled back in, like the small fish I am.

On another subject, ID to AZ, I got an email from my cyclocross racing friend Tim S.  He understands exactly why I have to do this big adventure. Yes, Tim, we are indeed brothers.  Tim writes:

"We do these things to push ourselves, to strip off the shit that accumulates from life; this makes us more true to ourselves and in turn to those in our lives. By finding our core, by whatever means, we can more freely give ourselves to others especially those we love. To me this is the opposite of selfish. I have a deep need to fight against something. If I don't push my self on the bike and fight against the pain and suffering that always seems to come, then I end up finding less positive things to fight against, often it's the people I am closest to at home and work. So needless to say taking the time for difficult physical adventures allows me the sanity to give myself selflessly to those around me. I only tell you this because I get the sense we are brothers in this area."

Thank you, Tim, for the words of understanding and insight.

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