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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Yes, I'm back sleeping in my own bed.  It smells like me rather than a stranger.  The drive home was fantastic.  I drove through Challis along the Salmon River instead of the Lemhi-Mud Lake route.  The views were fantastic.  The Lemhi and Lost River Ranges were covered in snow while the valley showed signs of Spring.  There were quite a few elk on the hillsides between North Fork and Salmon.  I saw them on both legs of the trip.  I'm thinking of buying a ranch on Fourth of July Creek, just as soon as I save an extra $227,800.  While I save, here is a poem:

Saw the elk again
Wintering on the Salmon
Fourth of July Creek

I got back on the bicycle yesterday and did a small group ride from Joyride Bikes with Kory, Dave E., Brian H., Larry, and others.  Joyride Bikes was my sponsor for last year's cross season (yeah, I'm trying to renegotiate my contract for this Fall, we're talkin' serious business).  I actually felt a little fast.  My threshold is still low, so it's back to running the stairs and more interval work if I want better aerobics.

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